Beyond the Mists

An Old Friend Needs Help

Emoran receives a strange note from far away requesting his assistance once more in Gresham. Eleyond, Emoran, Liz and Eruedraith head back via Rent-A-Roc with a couple new recruits, Valan and Delphine. A little memory searching and a clever connection from Delphine’ leads us once again to the Lizardman. Seems he’s been kicked out of the retreat by a megalomaniacal Mouseling and his Pixie girlfriend. Who’ve appeared to have made some extensive modifications to the retreat in the last few months.
Inexplicably, a pink fairytale castle now adorns the mount patrolled by giant wolves, tigers and lions. Needless to say our Lizardman friend is outmanned and has nobly retreated to the wilderness awaiting his friends from far away. He has managed to find a companion and a clever Faun who seems able to translate Saurian to Common. It takes half the day for our fearless heroes to find the poor frightened Lizards. While Eruedraith explored the castle in the Etheric realm (confirming to himself of it’s illusive nature). The party is scouted.
Liz forcebly befriends a passing pigeon to carry everyone’s objection to the invasion of the retreat to the current residents.
Ming the “king of the Mouslings” arrives with all the pomp he can muster, a pair of great wolves in front and Siberian tigers behind bedecked with purple flags and banners. He and MacTee arrive to parlay. Though only to deny the request.
As half the party has now realized the truth of the castle’s illusion a clever plan is put in to motion to flush the interloper from his lair. Delphine and Eruedraith fly to the summit, with the remarkable Delphine as a distraction, Eruedraith cast a sleep spell on the nearly exhausted MacTee who succumbs immediately. No amount of physical rousing by Ming is able to awaken her. He summons his Lion minion to assist, but the lion keeps finding arrows in his side as Eruedraith fires through the illusive walls.
Seeing the plan has been initiated, Liz scurries below to signal the others at the back door. Emoran and Valan begin their stealthy climb through the center of the mount. Just as they are about to clear the sleeping wolves and tigers Emoran trips, alerting a tiger of their presence. Combat is thus engaged below.
As the second tiger succumbs below, Delphine’ materializes a swirling sphere of sand upon the sleeping Pixie, Eruedraith content to pincushion the lion with his bow. The sleeping MacTee struggles to breath in the whirlwind of sand and her sheer exhaustion at supporting the illusions powering the castle. Her powers are eventually overcome and the illusions fade. Ming stares about in disbelief. His beautiful castle – his friend MacTee – fading before him. Even his trusted minion the Lion fades away to reveal nothing but a 150 lb Rat.



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